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The new Educent Kenmore

Educent is an educational space that was designed from the ground up to bring positive change to all students who enter to learn. We provide guided learning, enrichment and remediation in a nurturing, caring, stimulating and fun environment.

We are neither a franchise nor a generic learning program where one size is made to fit all. Educent is a learning centre which uses a unique learning program developed in line with the Australian curriculum principles and benchmarks.

Our approach is individually tailored to the needs, learning outcomes, emotional intelligence and learning styles of your child to ignite lifelong confidence and enthusiasm in the pursuit of knowledge.

Meet Our Centre Director

Educent Kenmore - Lynne Ferguson
Lynne Ferguson
Educator with 35 years experience spanning 4 continents.

Educent Kenmore was established by Lynne Ferguson in August 2016 to offer private tuition to children in Brisbane.

With over 35 years experience, spanning 4 continents, in primary and secondary education specialising in English, Maths and Science, Lynne's first-hand experience helps her recognise each child's individual learning needs and ultimately helps her students thrive.

Her experience extends through teaching and management positions in Pre-school up to High School. She has also spent 9 years teaching in a Remedial school and 2 years lecturing in the Faculty of Education at University of Natal, to teacher trainees in the area of New Maths, Language Arts and Multiple Intelligence.

Prior to her arrival in Australia she was head-hunted by a private grammar school in London to establish and maintain a literacy unit which focused on teaching and mentoring students diagnosed with ADHD, Dyslexia, severe emotional disorders and those who fell within the range of autism.

An active member of the Brisbane community, Lynne has received many awards for outstanding achievement in education and community service.

Educent is also a proud sponsor of the Durban Youth Council, South Africa.

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